Top 10 Spinach Recipes from Hollywood

Megan Gerlich

Professor Sarah Sassone

English 101

20 October 2015

Top 10 Spinach Recipes from Hollywood

    Did you ever wonder if it’s hard for the rich and famous to be normal?  Do they worry about consuming the proper amount of fruits and vegetables?  Are they lovers of all things healthy?  Probably not.  Spinach is a vegetable many of us would choose to avoid.  Even though it’s packed with vitamins and fiber, spinach has a bad rap with children as well as adults. Dessert however, is loved by all!  Here are some delicious desserts that use spinach that even the  most famous Hollywood stars would endorse.

  1. Spinach Frozen Yogurt

    A perfect treat for all the Hollywood stars watching their diet!  Looking for a healthy alternative to ice cream?  This option is packed with protein because you use non-fat Greek yogurt instead of milk.  Paired with spinach for fiber, the health benefits will make you green with envy! Get the recipe here.

  1.  Caramel Apple Spinach Cupcakes-     

     Mariah Carey, a native New Yorker, loves these muffins.  In a state that is known for its apples, this recipe is perfect for the fall season.  These muffins work for people with almost any allergy.  They are gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free but packed with flavor!  Get the recipe here.

  1.  Spinach Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting-

    The Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, may want to invest in a spinach farm!  This beautiful green cake gets its color from 2 cups of fresh spinach.  The beauty of this recipe, besides the resulting color, is no mixer is required!  All the ingredients can be blended in a blender or juicer before adding dry ingredients.  Get the recipe here.

  1.  Spinach Swiss Roll-

    How does Roger Federer celebrate after a tough match?  With this swiss roll recipe…it’s a Grand Slam!  Puree the cooked spinach and your swiss roll with benefit from the beautiful green hue.  Garnish with another favorite natural green – kiwi! Get the recipe here.


  1.  Spinach Panna Cotta

    Italians love their food.  Here’s a recipe that would make the Corleone family proud. Actors Pacino and Brando would have ordered this on set if they had the chance.  It’s a traditional Italian panna cotta  that uses spinach and a hint of garlic.  Get the recipe here.

  1.  Spinach Fudge Bars

    Popeye’s favorite gift for Olive Oil, flowers and candy! This sweet treat combines Popeye’s favorite, spinach into a paleo recipe for a fudge-like treat.  Get the recipe here.

  1. Spinach Apple Smoothie-

    Ok, here’s an entry that’s sure to make Ellen Degeneres’ vegan blog!  This recipe is a bit more juicy than the conventional smoothie, but oh so refreshing!   Combining cucumber, spinach and green apple makes for a tasty treat.  Get the recipe here.  

  1.  Spinach Ice Pops

    What’s better on a hot day than a cool refreshing ice pop!   Whether on set or sweltering in the southern California heat, here’s a treat the Hollywood rich and famous grab for.  Their kids love them too!  What better way to make sure your kids get the vegetables they need than to sneak them into an ice-pop.  Jessica Seinfeld, wife of funnyman Jerry Seinfeld, knows how easy being deceptive can be!  Get the recipe here.

  1.  Spinach Sugar Cookie-

    Cookies made with spinach?  Sure!  Any cookie is a good cookie, just ask Cookie Monster!  If you aren’t the first to reach for fruits or veggies, grab a cookie packed with spinach!  It’s a delicious take on a the classic sugar cookie but has the added benefits of vitamins A and K from the spinach.  Get the recipe here.


  1.   Spinach Ice Cream-

    Ben and Jerry, while not from Hollywood, are just as famous as any actor thanks to their passion for ice cream.  Well, here’s a flavored ice cream made from spinach that they need to take notice of!  They can give their dairy farmers a break and opt for this delicious concoction.  Get the recipe here.


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